Possible bug, currency only in €

Is there a way to change the currency of refuels? I cannot seem to find it and it looks way wrong that the fuel i purchase in Schweden in SEK is logged in €.

Hello @pardegerman,

can you please let us know if you are using PACE Car or PACE Drive?
What type of smartphone are you using?
Can you post screenshots of the issue?

Sure. I’m not sure what the difference is between PACE Car and PACE Drive though. I’m using the android app on my Samsung Galaxy S21. The phone is set to Swedish with English as the backup language.

If I go to settings in the app, there’s a „units“ section, but there’s no setting for currency there. And when I select refuel, there’s no provision for changing the currency.

Pace app version

Android versions

Language setting

Units settings page (in pace app)

New refuel page (the € is not editable)