How does paying directly at the car work with Connected Fueling?

In this post we want to briefly describe how the refueling process with PACE Connected Fueling works: As soon as you drive into a gas station that supports PACE Connected Fueling (pay directly at the pump), you will see a banner on your screen that you can click on: If you have not already done so, you now have to log in with your PACE ID account in which you have saved your payment methods. (More on this inösungen-zu-pace-id-hinzufuegen/553) The gas station and the prices are now displayed. You can also see your currently selected payment method and change it if necessary. Tip: If it is a bit full at the gas station, you can carry out all of these steps while waiting so that you can start filling up immediately when it is your turn. You will now be asked to select your gas pump. Connected Fueling then connects to the fuel pump, and tell you their status. Now you can start refueling. While the refueling process is in progress, this is recognized by the app and displayed accordingly. All data will then be displayed again. Please double check before you click on „Pay now: pillar X“ press. The next screen shows you the recipient of the payment, your selected payment method and the amount to be paid. At the end of the transaction you will receive a confirmation and the receipt will be emailed to your inbox. Now you can go on again. That was fun, wasn’t it? Please tell us about your experiences, we look forward to your feedback! # 00003