General dat collection with multiple users

After careful and close reading manuals my conclusion is more car users can connect and keep track of usage of te same car.

Both users should have their own Pace account. Great, problem solved.

However, its specifically mentioned both users data is separated due to privacy regulations. Well understandable but is – by the looks of it – making it quite hard for the car owner (the company owning the car) tot keep track of registration.

Due to taxation laws in the Netherlands the company is obligated to keep track of and separate private usage and mileage in an business setting. Moreover, usage should be cumulated per car, in the given situation usage per user isn’t required to administrate and report.

So, the question is: How can I keep track of usage over multiple drivers, all using Pace on their own account but still be able to keep track of cumulated mileage marked as private versus Business use.

Hello @spolet,

You have two options in this case:
Have everybody log in and use the same PACE Account. That will write all trips into the same
logbook. All users will have access and see all trips which are recorded.

Or use multiple accounts. In that case every account will create their own logbook for the car.
You have the option to export trips into the XLSX-Format if that is useful to you in this case. But keep in mind that with that option the trips can be manually falseified.

Thanks for the provided answer. The option having all users operating under the same account seems to be the most viable.

Been trying that one for a few weeks now, most of the times its operating as supposed. However, I’m under the impression that if one user still has a notification open on its smartphone other users have difficulties connecting tot the link module.

With the remark that right at the start of double usage on the same account go’s hand in hand with a new phone. Might be that a Xiaomi Redmi Note pro with MIUI 11.0.4 is tainting the results.

Anny known issues about Bluetooth connection between the link module an this type and brand of phone?

Well from our experience Xiaomi is not known for the best Bluetooth connection on the Smartphone market.
You should consult the Internet or the maker to known Issues with your particular model.