Error code interpretation (Fehlercode-Interpretation)

I have managed to read out some error codes from my car. However, so far all of the codes are in the „unknown“ category. This is not really helpful. The app says „our team will take a look at this specific trouble code as soon as possible to provide you with further information“. Is there a rough estimate how much time this usually takes? Will there be a notification once a code is interpreted?

Honestly, the fact that the app was advertised to support error codes for my car type was the main reason for buying it. (As my car would randomly fire a notification, which the service would charge me to look at and then say it was nothing.)

Hi @krledmno1,

pls have a look into this topic: Welche Fehlercodes kann PACE auslesen?

Hi Alex,
Thanks for the quick reply. Perhaps I’m lost in the translation… As far as I could understand, generic codes are supported and manufacturer-specific codes are not (at least not for all manufacturers). Is this correct?

If so, I’m confused as to why code P0087 (which is generic according to: is shown as unknown?

Here is a screenshot (hopefully the upload works):

Could you answer my question?


@krledmno1 Sry, I overlooked this. According to our development department, that seems to be a bug in the english Android App, the Code is already in the Database, but not translated. It’
s now reported, but I can`t say, when it will be fixed.